The Essence of Applicology

Originaly written: March 18, 2014 at 2:51pm

1) Socrates stated: “The un-examined life, isn’t worth living”

Applicology uses this statement of Socrates as its most fundamental assertion.

Epicurus says you must try and have a “Analyzed Life”, “friends” and “freedom”

2) Applicology doesn’t tell you WHAT to think, in a specific sense…  It only tells you that you MUST think.


3) Applicology is a set of tools to help you discover-or-create, your purpose, or your meaning of life.


4) Applicology asserts you should:

  1. Live a moral life on purpose, striving for personal happiness and fulfillment.
  2. A starting personal mission statement could be: “ I want my actions to be in pursuit of:”

a) Achieving the highest, longest-lasting, positive impact on humanity

b) Achieving the highest level of conscientious self-interest and personal fulfillment

Answer the question: “How do you want to spend your next 100 hours of ‘discretionary’ time?”


5) You, and ONLY you, are responsible for your life and your life’s happiness and fulfillment.  Examining your life and discovering-or-creating your purpose(s), is HARD, but absolutely necessary work.  Only when you understand your own purpose in life can your internal compass lead you in the direction you REALLY wish to go.  Don’t act or assume that your life is like a cork bobbing down a river with no method of guidance or steering.  Figure out your destination, then take the steering wheel and DRIVE!


Lee A Keiser II

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