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Well, the first rough-draft is done!

I’ve just finished linking my charts and taking several bits-and-pieces from some of my prior posts on FB and such and linked them to this new website.  The top menu choices all have drop-downs that will take you through the various parts of my fledgling world/life philosophy called Applicology. This philosophy, I estimate, is only Read More

The Purpose of life — Theism vs. Agnoticism vs. Atheism

What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of Life? How SHOULD we spend our time on this earth? All timeless questions that have riddled mankind for quite some time. I’d like to take my shot at an answer…   I believe that there are many possible answers to this set of questions Read More

Winning The Point Game Called Life

You may be wondering where I got this title from… I’ll get into way more detail later on, but for now a quick preview;   Its my belief that as a “general” guideline, life success can be measured in terms of happiness-over-time. The level of happiness in terms of both events and in daily existence Read More

The Essence of Applicology

Originaly written: March 18, 2014 at 2:51pm 1) Socrates stated: “The un-examined life, isn’t worth living” Applicology uses this statement of Socrates as its most fundamental assertion. Epicurus says you must try and have a “Analyzed Life”, “friends” and “freedom” 2) Applicology doesn’t tell you WHAT to think, in a specific sense…  It only tells you Read More

Hello everyone!

Applicology!  My own crafted work for my personal “world” philosophy.  I created the word out of my goal of making a philosophy that was  1) APPLIED and 2) PRACTICAL. [A]pplied [P]ractical [P]hilosophy APP-licology or Applicology.   Read More