A BIG question!!!

What would you do if you had:


  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Time
  3. Unlimited Skills
  4. No Geographic connections
  5. And no emotional ties??


This is another thought experiment that is intended to help you figure out YOUR OWN priorities.  If you took away ALL the excuses why you can’t do something and focused only on what you WANTED TO DO…  What would that look like?


Lee’s Additional Notes:

  1. Lets assume that you’ve taken care of your family and friends to whatever degree (houses, travel, toys, etc…) they wish to be taken care of
  2. Lets assume that you’ve spent several years exploring the planet and have seen all the “sights” you’ve wished of seeing.
  3. A rephrasing of the question could be: “How would you spend your time?”