Giving Back / Deathbed philosophy…


Although it may be a bit morbid to contemplate your own deathbed frame of mind, I believe its actually VERY useful in helping discover what YOU think is important to YOU! I think about my eventual death bed frame of mind and several things come up. In a nutshell I want to “Live, love, laugh and Leave a Legacy”. I’m not sure who coined this phrase, but I think its pretty spot-on.

I want to look back on my life and feel PROUD of what I’ve accomplished or at the very least, attempted to accomplish. I don’t want to look back and think that I could have tried to do more and only “half-stepped” through life, doing only as much as needed to “get by” or “be comfortable”.

I want to look back and see that the world is a MUCH better place because I was a part of it. This, to me, means leaving the biggest “positive” legacy possible that has the MOST positive impact on the LARGEST amount of people possible. If I do this part right, I will have built a foundation that is self-perpetuating that not only gives back, but gets larger each year allowing the foundation to give MORE each year, for an infinite number of years to come, EVEN AFTER MY DEATH!

I want to look back and swim in the memories of the awesomeness of my family and friends. I want to know that the quality time spent with them over my lifespan far-outpaced the average time and quality spent within most people and their families.


What do you think you’re frame of mind will be upon your death bed??