Winning the Point-Game called “Life”

You may be wondering where I got this title from… I’ll get into way more detail later on, but for now a quick preview;

Its my belief that as a “general” guideline, life success can be measured in terms of happiness-over-time. The level of happiness in terms of both events and in daily existence can (and should) be measured to aid in decision making (our greatest skill). There’s short bursts of happiness like a day long trip to an amusement park which count for a high-spike of positive “points” and daily positive points like a new romantic interest, a new set of shoes more comfortable than the old ones or other things that make daily life a bit better.

There’s also spikes of negative points, like a real bad day at work or loss of a family heirloom. Daily negative points can come in the form of a chronic body pain or a break up with a romantic interest or anything similar that can affect you on a daily basis.

The basic concept is that although positive spikes are good and are to be sought after, focusing on reducing the daily negative points and increasing the daily positive points is a much more worthy use of your time.

More about this later.. Questions? Fire away.. 😉