Life by the 3’s

This is a thought exercise.  Its purpose is to help you think about how precious life is.  Its goal is to help you determine (uncover) where your real priorities lie.  Especially in the 3-days to 3-months timespan.  What WOULD you do if you only had 3 weeks left to live?  Work?  Make amends with an estranged relative? Travel?  Think about your life with EACH of these time frames in mind and see what comes up.

3 seconds

3 minutes

3 hours

3 days

3 weeks

3 months

3 years

3 decades


What would you do with your time if you knew that your life was going to end precisely at the different intervals above?

What would change if it was the world ending and not just you?

What would change if you had “unlimited” money right now?